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The World Record 2-Point 54-Way Jump Over Egypt

The Canopy Formation Skydiving Team, Airspace Invaders, recently outlined the world record the team achieved in sequential canopy formation. It was the biggest formation the discipline had seen in over 15 years!

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson explains that canopy formation, or CF for short, is the discipline of utilizing parachutes to create shapes in the sky. Anywhere from 2 to 100 canopy pilots group together and use various docks and stacks to craft the patterns.

As most people can appreciate, it’s a very exacting discipline, taking years of practice and dedication to pull off the movements. And that just makes the world record set by the canopy pilots even more impressive.

The 2-Point 54-Way Formation That Set the World Record

The crew was led by Marcus Muir-Smith and other canopy pilots which made a new CF sequential world record with a stunning two-point 54-way jump.

The team achieved the global record on the very first day of attempting it. The team built the 54-way diamond, broke apart, and reassembled on the same jump! It was said to be a testament to the load quality, support team, and organizers that they made two out of three formation attempts within one day.

Interestingly, the team had the final third point within reach. However, there were less-than-ideal weather conditions coming toward them, and a boatload of CReW dogs flew in numerous groups. Therefore, they decided to move on to the camp’s second goal.

The Camp’s Second Goal

Upon completing the outstanding 2-point 54-way jump and leaving the third point behind, the group decided to work on a larger formation experience. This included the broader team by rotating skydivers to fly five, one-point 65-way jumps.

Records were smashed, in that these were the biggest canopy formations seen since the 2007 world record, wherein the awarded group completed a 100-way jump.

Perhaps one of the most stunning jumps of the day was the 65-way formation at sunset. The fading light made for spectacular shots captured by Gustavo Cabana Imaging.

Almost everyone who attended the camp was able to take part in one of the massive canopy formations, which is an added bonus for all.

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson

The Supporters That Made the World Record Possible

Naturally, the canopy formation discipline involves many people — not just those with the parachutes. So, in various write-ups about the amazing world record, there is no doubt these articles will be addressing the support staff and organizers, thanking them for their fantastic work, as well as the even more fantastic images captured.

Specifically, Joe Thompson, Max Holmes, and Andrew Draminski were part of the event support. They piloted groups of 16, alongside those tackling the more ambitious formations.

Brian Pangburn and Chris Gay were the organizing brains. They ensured the event was safe and fun, allowing Marcus Muir-Smith and his canopy pilot group to conquer the record attempt.

The Future of Canopy Formation Skydiving

The 2-point 54-way formation was a massive success. But it appears that the canopy pilots hope to fly even larger formations in the next few years.

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