Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson

Many individuals see entrepreneurship as a viable way to build their business acumen and work for themselves—a concept that has gained incredible traction in the time since the onset of the pandemic and its impact on the labor market. Naturally, individuals looking to gain insights on entrepreneurship and business development are in search of accessible resources that can help them avoid common pitfalls and continuously build towards their professional futures.

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson is an entrepreneur and business development professional with vast experience in several industries. He recognizes that contributing to important conversations within the realm of entrepreneurship can assist others as they continue on their own path to success. To this point, he has dedicated himself and his insights to contribute to resources that demystify key elements of his business to motivate those who are interested in learning more about industry.

About Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson

Downtown Nixa Mark is an entrepreneur who has over two decades of experience in business. He is a partner at Morning Day Café in Nixa, MO, a popular restaurant serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and unique cocktails. Mark Anderson has served as the President of On-Side Construction, LLC, a utility construction and communications business operating in Nixa, MO since 2005.In this role he is responsible for helping the teams at the organization reach crucial goals while offering comprehensive, innovative construction solutions to clients. Mark’s work experience is underlined by a history of participating in several organizations within Missouri. He is the President of Nixa Downtown Revitalization Committee and is an active member of the United States Parachute Association and United States Practical Shooting Association.

Colleagues and clients alike who have worked with downtown Nixa Mark Anderson speak to his profound interest in streamlining processes to empower organizations to reach new heights. Mark specializes in developing innovative strategies that enable growth at his companies and has a talent for creating organizational objectives that work towards companies’ strengths. Above all, Mark’s employees speak to his interest in being a quality administrator who leads by example. Mark Anderson’s passion for giving teams the tools necessary to reach their individualized goals and versions of success is supported by his investments in trainings, mentorship opportunities, and contributing to upward mobility of his employees.

In his free time, Mark enjoys spending time with his family and participating in a variety of outdoor activities. Mark Anderson can often be found fishing, hunting, and even skydiving in Missouri and is a proponent of inspiring others to find their passions in life outside of work.

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson Explores Important Characteristics for Budding Entrepreneurs

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is frequently asked questions pertaining to entrepreneurship, one of the most common being what traits best empower a budding professional to hone their craft in the space. Mark speaks to how there are several ways to stand out among competition and finding your own style is crucial for becoming successful in your professional endeavors. Still, he notes that there are a few traits that are vital for any entrepreneur, as they provide the tools required to branch out and work towards one’s goals.

Here, downtown Nixa Mark Anderson explores a few characteristics he believes are most crucial for any individual entertaining the idea of pursuing entrepreneurship.


Motivation is one of the key characteristics of any successful entrepreneur. After all, it can take quite a bit of time for most ventures to really get going and- once you are there- there is much work to be done. Mark Anderson’s advice for people interested in entrepreneurship is to find what motivates you specifically. The ability to set goals and keep your eyes on the prize are crucial and, in stressful times, you’ll want to be able to remind yourself who and what you are working for.


Entrepreneurship and business development are rapidly evolving fields, and new obstacles and opportunities can reveal themselves at any time. The best way to seize opportunities and avoid common pitfalls in the field is to remain flexible and adaptable. This will empower you to react accordingly in the event that something occurs that you could never have planned for. Adaptability is also vital for the creativity that is required to truly be successful in business. Clients and employees want to work with leaders who are able to work to their strengths and don’t let circumstance get in the way of their endeavors.


Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson

If you plan to make something of yourself as an entrepreneur, you will need to convince others that you are able to handle the rigors of your business. Entrepreneurs will find themselves in diverse groups to sell people on the value of their ideas, and the ability to communicate with others efficiently is a trademark characteristic of any business development professional. Persuasiveness will be even more crucial should the business take off and require staff, administrators, or funding.

Planning Skills

Because entrepreneurs set their own objectives and organizational goals, it is always important that they have the planning skills and vision required to do so efficiently. Entrepreneurs should know how to set reasonable short and long term goals as well as build on strategies that will empower them to facilitate them. Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson recognizes that organization plays a huge role in one’s ability to plan effectively. Entrepreneurs are typically juggling a lot and being able to differentiate things that require immediate attention and things that can be put on the backburner can go a long way towards planning.

Willingness to Fail

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs are risk-takers. This is because, by nature, entrepreneurship often involves putting everything on the line in pursuit of one’s professional goals. A willingness to fail is important in any business because even the best entrepreneurs know that we get more no’s than yes’s in life. What matters most is our ability to roll with the punches and put in the work to come out on top regardless of obstacles. A willingness to fail and knowledge that taking risks is necessary in business is also vital because it shows a commitment to learning. Those who are not willing to be decisive and learn from their mistakes often do not cut it when things get tough.

More from Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson realizes that there are many people who would like to learn more about entrepreneurship and construction. To help, Mark Anderson would like to act as resource for high-level information and insights that he has accumulated through his years in the business. Future posts will include topics such as how to build capable teams, networking tips, information on leading construction teams, and how to remain motivated and continually working towards personal development. Through these comprehensive insights, Mark Anderson believes that readers will be able to make educated decisions regarding their professional development and personal endeavors.

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