Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson

The Best Worldwide Destinations for Skydiving

Skydiving is a well-established, adrenaline-pumping adventure sport available at almost any destination around the world. And while that free-fall feeling can happen anywhere, there’s no denying that some locations offer more breathtaking views than others. 

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson reports that locations from the US to Australia and various places in between, have been deemed the world’s best destinations for their aerial views.

Best Worldwide Destinations for Skydiving

Blue Hole in Belize

Blue Hole is a huge underwater sinkhole situated just off the coast of Belize — and skydiving here is something adrenaline junkies never forget.

Skydivers jump from a plane overlooking the clear turquoise tropical waters, eventually landing in the sea to continue basking in that weightless glow.

Those lucky enough to have already experienced this magical experience claim that it was unequivocally one of the best days of their lives.

Las Vegas in the USA

Tourists don’t normally tend to visit Las Vegas for its skydiving. After all, it’s famous for its casinos, slot machines, and theatrical shows. But the Mojave Desert boasts some of the best skydiving spots on the planet, much less the United States. 

From the parachute, skydivers get a birds-eye view of the Red Rock National Park, the strip, and Mount Charleston as they descend toward the sands. 

Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland

Switzerland is a haven for adrenaline seekers. The country has everything from glacier trekking to mountain climbing to, of course, skydiving. 

Lauterbrunnen is a particularly beautiful spot to see from the sky. With deep gorges and cascading waterfalls, it’s a sight worth seeing – and the aerial view of the landscape is nothing short of breathtaking. 

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

Those who prefer expertly crafted architecture to tranquil waters or verdant valleys should head to Palm Jumeirah in Dubai to enjoy the parachuting experience of a lifetime. 

The destination affords skydivers an aerial view of the artificial prodigy, ensuring they get the pleasure of experiencing the unique panoramic landscape of sea, sun, sand, and skyscrapers.  

North Wollongong Beach in Sydney, Australia

Just an hour outside Sydney sits North Wollongong Beach, a truly outstanding location for skydivers hoping to witness dolphins and whales from the grand height of 14,000 feet. 

Whether solo or tandem jumping, the beach is famous for its dream-worthy birds-eye views. 

Pattaya in Thailand

Pattaya boasts one of the only skydiving locations in Southeast Asia, and it’s found 60 minutes outside of Bangkok.

And once adventurers have explored the destination from the skies, there are plenty of restaurants to satisfy their hunger after the adrenaline dies down. 

Victoria Falls in Zambia, Africa

Skydiving at Victoria Falls presents jumpers with an unforgettable view of the majestic Zambezi River. As a border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, jumpers can feel its power from the sky as they descend nearby. 

Those who don’t have this jaw-dropping destination on their bucket lists should certainly add it now. 

Mount Everest in Nepal

Most people dream of climbing the famous mountain, but few realize they can skydive over it and see Mount Everest from all-new heights. 

The world’s best destinations for skydiving are ready and waiting to welcome brand-new (or returning) thrill seekers. 

By Mark Anderson

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